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Located at 7250 Duvan Dr., Tinley Park, IL 60477 (Approximately 1 block west of 175th and Harlem)

General Maintenance

Oil change
Get a Smooth-Running Car With Our General Maintenance Services
Does your car's engine need an oil change or is it due for a general inspection? Get in touch with Herman's Auto Center, Inc. to provide your car with exhaustive general maintenance services. Our trained mechanics will help you adhere to your vehicle manufacturer's service intervals.

You can keep track of your car's general inspection checks with our recommended maintenance chart. These recommendations change with miles traveled and covers the entire checks and maintenance of your car.
Brake check

Check Out Our General Maintenance Services

  • Steering and suspension
  • Complete brake services
  • Fluid change as per manufactures' schedule 
  • Belts and Hoses 
  • Oil changes
  • Tire checks
  • Winterization
  • Engine and transmission maintenance as per vehicle recommended intervals
  • Filters and tune-ups as per maintence schedule
  • Warranty service contracts accepted
Car battery

Get Your Car Ready for Winter With Our Winterization Services

  • Checking battery and vehicle charging systems
  • Fluid maintence for any freeze protection and all other fluid requirements
Visit us
for your vehicle's general inspection checks
"Just wanted to say a big "Thank You" for fixing our heating problem in our car. I don't need a blanket on my legs anymore! It's wonderful having that switch installed to force the warm air out. Even the back gets warm now. Thanks again!"
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